Most people think that they can handle traffic tickets on their own without spending money on an attorney. However, you will actually save hundreds or thousands of dollars by hiring Adam C. Neal Law to represent you instead of trying to handle the tickets yourself.

Traffic tickets can be expensive and time consuming, can result in points and suspension of your license and increase your insurance premiums. Because of our reputation and experience, in most situations Adam C. Neal Law will obtain a much better plea bargain offer of reduced points and fines than you would receive going to court on your own.

On rare occasions when we are unable to reach a plea bargain, our firm will force the government to prove their case against you at trial. And if they cannot, your entire case may be dismissed.

Additionally, in most situations you will never have to appear in court. We can appear on your behalf, saving you both time and money. We can even work with you on your case over the phone so you never have to come to our office. Call today to make your traffic ticket worries disappear.

Also call if your license has been suspended or revoked. We can work with you, the courts and the DMV to resolve your suspensions and ensure your license is valid, so you can get back to driving legally and avoid future tickets and arrests.




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